Two Different Indoor and Outdoor Floral Arrangement for less than $25 and 25 minutes. 

I must start by saying, I’m obsessed with doing this craft. I find as long as you have a good mix of different sized flowers, it always turns out beautiful. The will to do this started on Houzz, looking at a floral arrangement similar for $168. Made the same thing + 1 for less than $25 dollars. 

• two cases/pots/whatever you want to put your plants in. In my case I used the blue bowl from the Dollar Tree and a Cylinder Vase I got at the thrift store, but retails at IKEA. 

• Dry flower foam. It smells nasty and it makes a mess but it really keeps the flowers looking perky and just makes arranging them a whole lot easier. I got 2 for a buck twenty five at the dollar store and only used 1 1/2 for both so I have some for another craft ☺️ (ps if by chance you are using real flowers, use the dry foam or you’ll snap your stems). 

• Fake Grass/Moss. I got a big bag of Spanish moss from the dollar tree. 

• Superglue to secure down the foam/fake grass. 

• Rocks or shells (any filler you’d like) for the clear vase. I used some Broken glass pieces and sequins to glam up my glass jar one. 

• Fake flowers of your preference! This is the best/hardest part. I grabbed my flowers from Dollar tree as I knew they’d be bunched in together so I didn’t need to worry about them looking sparse. If you wanted to however only use a couple flowers in a dish and want them to look realistic, I’d go for latex or silk flowers. 

• Scissors and a butter knife. 

We are going to start out with the outdoor planter first. First, I measured the foam to the blue bucket/basket. The foam piece was too big so I cut it and tried to cover up as much surface area as I could. 

Then I separated and gathered all the flowers and cut the plastic at the length I wanted the flower to be. It’s important to just cut the plastic because the wire snaps off easily when you bend it and you won’t risk ruining your flowers.  

STAGE NOT PICTURED but while cutting the flowers, glue the moss/grass/whatever you’re using into the foam to try and blend it in. 

Once the foam in the planter seems secure, start arranging flowers in a triangle formation to make sure all spots are covered. When I arrange flowers, I like to place two small fillers in the middle and then go crazy with the big beautiful flowers and come back in with some more fillers at the end. 

After placing my flowers in the big planter, this was the result: 


Following the same steps as last time but a little different, I made a smaller indoor planter as well. Instead of the moss, I used IKEA glass pieces I found in the As Is section and some sequins from the dollar store I had left around. 

Thanks for checking out my DIY! Let me know if you try one for yourself, I’d love to see pictures. Much love xox


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