Thrift Store Finds: May 2017

Just a super quick post. My mom and I went to Value Village and Salvation Army and picked up a few items. She spoiled Ben and I went shopping for the home. I am most thrilled about the area rug. I’ve been looking for something neutral for the living room that’s not white (baby’s are difficult) and 5×8-5×10 for under $200. I’ve been searching kijiji, let go, houzz, wayfair, giant tiger, everywhere and was about to give up. Then we walked into VV and for $14.99 with no rips, rolling or stains, who could say no? I can’t wait to lay it down. Also LOVING the tulip vase. I don’t know what to put in it but for $1, I knew I couldn’t leave it. I also picked up a hanging planter for $2, a thin vase (going to be doing a project with it so stay tuned!), and a carton of vase fillers for $2. Was hoping to find flowers and photo frames but this will do.  ☺️☺️☺️

Thinking of compiling a list of my favourite thrift store tips and tricks. Whether it be Salvation Army, Bible Missions, Value Village or a random consignment store, I’ve been finding cool things for the last ten years. Let me know what you’d think and what you’d be interested in knowing! 


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