My Experience With WayFair Canada: Part 1

Before and During the Order:

After an abundance of research, I have made my first order with WayFair Canada! We’ve been looking to replace our coffee table with something more modern for quite a while now and it seemed like the time to jump in and actually do it. The previous table was a set my boyfriend got  for cheap when he first moved out a few years ago. They aren’t too bad, but they look so out of place in our living room and they take up too much space (Photos Below). I looked around for a month or so at different places like Leon’s, IKEA, Walmart and thrift stores, but could not find a nice, quality, functional table for my $240 price point. At one point, I gave up looking exclusively at shops online all together and just started to Google the most bizarre specifications I wanted. That’s how I found Hokku Designs, a brand owned by WayFair created in Boston, MA. A lot of their pieces are very traditional and classic with a trendy twist. They have something for every budget. After reading ALL the reviews and spending nights dreaming about this table, I purchased it. It is $197.94, down from $255.99 and offers the space my family needs. Not to mention it doesn’t look too bad on the eyes. All in all, it cost me $223.67 with free shipping and taxes to get to Ontario. Since this is my first order, I had to input all my information. It was pretty painless other than trying to put in my credit information. It erased either my security # or my expiration date 5 or 6 times before it finally worked. Other than that everything ran super smoothly; I already have my confirmation number, money has been taken out of my account and it’s due to ship tomorrow and arrive on Thursday. So far so good and I will definitely keep you updated when it arrives with photos and Part 2 of my review!

It’s definitely not the worse thing to happen, but I can’t wait for the new one 😍


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