Expensive Candle Holder DIY Revamp For Cheap

I am in love with how these turned out and they make the perfect addition to my living room. You can use any old candle holders you have lying around or hit up your local thrift store. The candle holders I used were my stepdads mom’s and they’ve been passed down to me. Because of the age and lack of care, they’ve been a bit chipped and the gold paint has begun to lack the lustre that made it a statement piece. I really wanted to revive these to one, restore the beauty of this piece and two, want to proudly have them out in my house again. 
What you need:

  • Candle holder/holders. 
  • Paint brushes (preferably one big for the base coat and a smaller brush for the more detailed painting). 
  • A base colour you love, whether it be neutral, metallic or a bright colour.  
  • An accent colour for a pop of fun. My living room is espresso and turquoise so we’ll be going with a chrome-like colour and turquoise to match. 

Optional: Sealant and painters tape. 
What to do:

  1. First, make sure the candle holders are clean by wiping them down before you start the project. 
  2. Paint your first coat using the bigger base paint brush.
  3. Let it air dry (time will be different depending on which paint you use, refer to the instructions on your can/jar) and apply a second coat. 
  4. Let air dry over night after your second coat. Sometimes (again depending on the paint you use), you have to do a third coat and that’s okay. Be patient. It’s tedious, but it’s worth it. 
  5. With your accent colour, start to outline with the small paint brush what designs you’d like to bring attention to in your candle holders. I chose to highlight the top of my candle holder where the candle sits.
  6. Again, let completely air dry and paint a second coat of the accent colour if needed. Mine was definitely needed. 
  7. If you accidentally paint over any of the base paint, no worries, we’ll let the accent colour dry and go back over with the base coat. 
  8. Voila, beautiful candle holders for cheap!! 

Photos below!!!!


  • Use painters tape to get precise lines while doing your accent colours and then maybe you won’t need to do step #7. 
  • Use a paint sealant to keep your candle holders life proof and looking fresh AF. 
  • Hold candle holders upside down while painting. It helps ensure you get every single nook and cranny. 
  • Make sure to do smooth even strokes while painting. Don’t make it thick and clumpy. Take your time with this. It will make even the cheapest of candle holders look $100. 

The “Before” Photos. 

Making sure they are squeaky clean and ready to be painted. 

What you need/what I used, refer to instructions above. 

First coat looking luscious. 

Second and final base coat. Leaving it to dry overnight. 

Woke up and started painting my accent colour. I’ll definitely need a second coat. 

Second coat of the accent colour done. 

I’m going to have to go back over with the base paint to make all the lines look clean. 

After going back over the edges. 

 Exquisite looking candle holders for super cheap! Metallic paint can make almost ANYTHING look phenomenal. 

Candle tip:

Like I said earlier, these were embarrassing to have out so they sat in storage a long, long, long, long time. By time I pulled them out, they looked like this: 

Gross, huh? 

My favourite and only way to scrub candles clean of dust, dirt and ash is a Magic Eraser. Gentle enough to not break up the wax, but successfully removes the debris without scrubbing. After a little wipe: 


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