(Finally) WayFair: Part 2

Sorry this took so long to do, but I wanted to make sure I had all the details down and had formed a solid opinion before doing this review. I’ve had the table set up for 4 day now and my family has not held back in testing it. Like I said in Part 1, we needed more storage and something just a little more functional and “us”. I ordered the coffee table from Hokku Designs by WayFair on Monday and by Tuesday night had my email confirmation saying it was shipped. I was stressing all day, but by 11pm, they showed me wrong and kept their word. I worked Thursday at 4 and Adam’s off at 5, so obviously in that one hour the coffee table came and they had left a note saying it would be reshipped the next day. 

It did go out again with the post on Friday and arrived around 4:30 on Friday. The box was the same height as me and with all the packaging, it seemed the same weight as me too. 

There was so much styrofoam and cardboard it filled 2 garbage bags. The boxes had fragile written in bold letters all around it and was layered twice + corners in styrofoam and extra thick cardboard. 

Super impressed with how WayFair protected my order and so so happy with the fast delivery. The instructions were all photos other than labelling of parts and was pretty clear to understand, but it was a tad difficult to decipher which screw was which.

But it eventually all came together using a drill and a screw driver in about an hour and a half with two people. I wouldn’t recommend putting this together alone because at some points, there are balancing acts. 

Final Thoughts:

  • Heavy (77 pounds), sturdy and quality wood.
  • Beautiful colour – a true Espresso that matches the rest of my furniture (you’d be surprised how different the colour Espresso is brand to brand).
  • Sharp corners that I personally will need to baby proof with some corner stickers or something. Not only are they sharp they are pointing so be careful of your knee/shin!
  • Doesn’t scratch easily – my dog and son have both been on the table and it still looks brand new.
  • V’s are not 100% even after securing the screws, but because of the dark colour it’s hard to notice.
  • Easily took over as a statement piece.
  • Tons of storage. With the photos posted online, I knew there was storage but didn’t realize how big the drawers are. Lots of room for toys, books, decor, etc.
  • Hubby approved.


Overall, I really enjoyed my first experience with WayFair Canada/Hokku Designs and based on this experience, I would recommend it. Customer service was great, shipping was fast and my order came in perfect condition, and the coffee table looks a lot more expensive than it was.


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