First Time Ordering Off Part 2

My canvas order arrived today at about 4:30pm!! They all came wrapped up neatly in a thick cardboard box. 

I order 7 canvas’ in total and they were all individually wrapped and packed. 

Obviously it’s tedious and all the garbage is such a waste, but I personally love it because I that means they care about my order. I really appreciate when any company does this. The first thing I noticed while unwrapping the styrofoam layer is how vibrant the colours are.

 The first canvas I opened was one of my son in a tunnel at the park down the street from our house and it was so true to the colours of the original photo. 

Canvas on left, original photo on right. 

The black and white is just as beautiful as the coloured canvases. All of these photos were taken on my iPhone 6 (most of my photos are), so the quality would more than likely be better with an actual camera. They look real life from a short distance and slightly pixelated up close. 

Grass from afar and grass up close. 

I have never owned/bought my own canvas photographs before so I didn’t have much to go by, but I had high expectations for this order and it did not disappoint. It shipped, delivered, and looked like it was supposed to. I am so thrilled to show my family off through this art.


Currently 72% off at BestCanvas, shipping is under $15 and free after $150.


*not sponsored*


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